Strengthening Families

Helps families reach their full potential

Strengthening Families is dedicated to helping whanau and families connect with the support services and agencies they need. This could be anything from working with a budget advisor, truancy officer or social worker, to a medical specialist, counsellor or teacher. The different organisations will work together to help develop a plan of action that best suits your family or whanau. The aim is to shift the focus from crisis intervention, giving you the support right when you need it, before any difficult situations get worse.

You can download the referral forms from here.

Watch the Strengtening Families video below. An overview of the process and real life feedback.

What sort of help do the families need?

The most common issues that families ask for help with include:

  • Parenting Skills
  • Child Behaviour
  • Teenage Behaviour
  • Child/Teenager Physical Health or Disability
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Financial, Budget or Debt Issues
  • Issues at School
  • Family Relationships

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