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The History of Hearts and Minds

The History of Hearts and Minds

Hearts & Minds started out in 1978 under the auspices of Mental Health Service of the Area Health Board and in 1984 became the North Shore Community Health Network Inc (commonly known as Raeburn House). In 2017 in response to community feedback, we changed our name to Hearts & Minds NZ to better reflect our focus on the whole-of-person to whole-of-community approach to wellbeing.

Hearts & Minds have been delivering wellbeing groups and courses since 1978 and our first Support Services Directory (Waitematā) was launched in 1991 with our Support Coordination services following a few years later. We have always worked on the premise that when people are given access to information and support, they can exercise greater choice in their lives, define their own priority health gains and strengthen their mental wellbeing.