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Results Based Accountability

Hearts & Minds is strongly committed to measuring the difference made by our Community Wellbeing Hub; we primarily achieve this through the application of a Results Based Accountability Framework (RBA). Community participation rates are carefully tracked and measured using RBA, which allows us to develop and maintain effective community-based strategies.

The Results Based Accountability reporting system, measures and responds to three key outcomes: • How much is being done? (quantitative) • How well is it being done? (qualitative) • Is anyone better off? (performance indicator)


**How much is being done: **
Quantitative data is collected and entered into a database system that captures all community participation statistics. This information is essential for the continuous monitoring and evaluating of our services and activities. The hard data informs us of who is benefiting, as well as identifying demographic groups who may be reticent in coming forward (allowing us to improve services by extending invitations and opportunities for participation to identified demographic groupings).

**How well is it being done: **
This measure speaks to the quality of the services provided, including the qualifications of staff, professional practises, the provision of safe environments, inclusive cultural participation and the production of quality outcomes for diverse populations.

**Is anyone better off? **
This measure articulates the real difference made in the lives of people who access our services. Through the use of real-life stories, this measure provides insight into the human experience that informs all community support and development.

Hearts & Minds has found Results Based Accountability to be a highly effective reporting mechanism that allows us to continuously monitor and evaluate our services, while simultaneously communicating and sharing learnings with community members and wider stakeholders.