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Wellbeing Courses & Groups

Wellbeing Courses & Groups

Our courses and groups provide you with a valuable toolkit to support your wellbeing.

Led by qualified facilitators, they are a great place to connect, learn and share.

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What are Wellbeing Courses & Groups?

  • Courses and groups are delivered online and in-person

  • They’re completely confidential

  • They’re free

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Upcoming Courses & Groups

Hearts & Minds offer a variety of courses throughout the year. New courses and groups are regularly added to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our community. All currently available courses and groups are listed below.

管理焦虑,压力和变化 Managing Stress, Anxiety & Change (Delivered in Mandarin)

这个课程在安全友好的学习氛围里,帮助您感知生活中的压力和焦虑,为您解析压力产生的原因,了解如何管理生活中的压力,焦虑和变化。您将学习到实用的策略和技巧来帮助您放轻松和应对日常工作生活中遇到的各种挑战。 This course will provide you with an...

Art Therapy

The creative process of Art Therapy can bring about new insights and improve self-awareness. It offers a gentle and playful way of expressing your...

Art Therapy for Wellbeing

This group will focus on positive, creative ways of dealing with life challenges using a variety of visual art mediums. It will provide a fun, relaxing...

Confidence & Self Esteem

Having good confidence and self-esteem is essential in helping us prepare for life’s experiences. This group will explore the difference between the...

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are important for our mental wellbeing. This course explores ways to enjoy healthy relationships with ourselves and others,...

Managing Stress, Anxiety & Change

This group will focus on understanding how to manage stress, anxiety and change in your life. It will provide you with tools, techniques, and coping...

Parenting Tweens & Teens Through Stress & Anxiety

This course supports parents to manage the challenges that parenting young people aged 11–18 years can bring. Our facilitator will provide a welcoming...

Resilience & Managing Emotions

This course encourages you to build resilience and manage emotions by exploring positive psychology, mindfulness, and personality types. You will learn...

  • “Brilliantly supported by the facilitator.”
  • “Great relatable content, good mix of info and practical - made many positive changes.”
  • “I am feeling more confident and have some new skills to use.”
  • “Thank you for all the aroha.”

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